Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Gentler “Pick Me Up”

An almighty packet of savoiardi has been in the pantry, surprisingly unmolested, since I last went to Mediterranean Wholesalers, and I had made vague promises to do something with them before they were chomped in tandem with tea. Having got through the Christmas week with individual pavlovas (plus organic sour cream, blueberries and pomegranate) and some leftovers from my cousins’ catered birthday (ta, Unger’s), it was time for a new dessert.

I had an idea of doing something like tiramisu, but minus the coffee (not so great with tea, or in the evening) and substituting the mascapone for something easier on the liver. Although easing the hepatic load was slightly undermined by my happy sprinkling of spirits.

Having procured a tub of ricotta from Aldi which, on New Year’s Day, was even more Soviet in its restricted choice than usual, I assembled the following dessert with remarkably little forethought, preparation or effort.

I’m told, however, that the result is a super success. “The perfect dessert,” no less.

  • Savoiardi (I used just over half a 400g packet)
  • 250g ricotta (though more would be better - e.g. 350g)
  • 4 tablespoons raw sugar
  • Vanilla (to taste. In my case, a tablespoon)
  • Liqueur (Croatian cherry brandy - use whatever is most suitable - or substitute with some sort of flavoured syrup)
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Chocolate (flakes/shavings), cocoa powder
1 rectangular (9”x7”x2.5”, 2.5L, I think) pyrex dish.


  1. Combine ricotta with the sugar and vanilla.
  2. Lay out one layer of savoiardi. Sprinkle - ha - with liqueur or syrup to moisten.
  3. Spread with half of the ricotta.
  4. Lay out another layer of savoiardi. More liqueur/syrup.
  5. Cover with raspberries.
  6. More savoiardi, liqueur.
  7. Cover with the rest of the ricotta.
  8. Dust with chocolate flakes or shavings, and/or cocoa powder.

Leave in fridge for a few hours. This keeps very well in the fridge - and we found that it got better over the course of a week.

Sadly, the only chance I got to photograph it was feeling hot and harried at the end of the week, and with the somewhat inadequate camera in my mobile telephone. I can assure you, it looks very pretty under better circumstances!


Hannah said...

Oooh, this looks fabulous! Very appropriate for summer, too :)

Eat to Live said...

Yes indeed! Though Melbourne took a while to produce some pudding-appropriate weather. Typical!