Sunday, 20 January 2008

Cry for help - pepper mill advice

We get through what seems like a ludicrous amount of freshly milled black pepper, and so you can imagine how disastrous it was when our previously-functioning mill bit the peppery dust.

I've tried taking it to bits but I can't work out why it doesn't function properly. I know I could use a mortar and pestle, but that's a bit faffy.

Anyway. I'm in the market for a good mill. One which will do good, cracked pepper and not nasty grey dust. Any recommendations?

No proper food blogging update - not because I haven't been baking (I have), but because I'm too lazy to write it up.

But just to liven things up, here's a strawberry custard tart I made in September (and I must say, I am thrilled that South Melbourne Market has provided me with so many seriously cheap punnets of strawberries lately - and they even have flavour! Mmm, markets.)If you want to know a recipe, you're out of luck. I winged it. But basically, make shortcrust pastry, make vanilla beany custard (I do it with milk, eggs and cornflour for stability, because I loathe cream, and some almond meal for fun), top with strawberries. I can't actually remember whether the custard was baked in the case or if I did the latter blind, but that's the fun of no-recipe baking.

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