Monday, 6 August 2007

Frozen pears

Yesterday I poached a lot of pears. Eleven beurre boscs, in fact. I reserved four, which are stashed in the fridge for filling crepes later in the week.

The remaining seven went into the freezer, topped up with reduced poaching liquid.

Two things I've discovered this morning:
1. Frozen poached pear is delicious. I can really taste the cinnamon and vanilla; and
2. The frozen poaching syrup has become a rather divine sorbet. Which is not really surprising, if you think about what a sorbet actually is.

In warmer weather, frozen pears and a bit of pseudo-sorbet would be a lovely dessert.


IronEaters said...

i love to eat pears! but have never tried to eat a frozen poached pear b4... interesting =)

Eat to Live said...

It's probably a good idea to let the container sit outside of the freezer for a bit, because they do get rather hard (a knife helps).

Seriously, though, I am amazed. The flavour is much more intense than non-frozen poached pears.