Saturday, 14 July 2007


After reading a few weeks ago about baker Greg Brown's new venture, I finally trekked down to Glen Eira (which is, in any case, my old stomping ground). Agi's Bakery is on Glen Eira Rd, near the corner with Orrong Road. When we got there it was after three, and there was pretty much nothing left, but for a basset hound sitting outside.

The man himself, however, indicated that he had some of yesterday's cranberry and sultana rye loaves, not really fresh but "suitable for toasting". He even let us have one, to see what we thought, since we'd come a long way, and suggested coming along at 4am if we wanted really fresh bread

The bread is extremely good, barely indistinguishable from "fresh" bread - certainly less stale than a lot of stuff I've tried from supposedly reputable bakers. We will be back, albeit earlier in the day. Aside from anything else, I want to try his sourdough!


Serenity Later said...

I found your blog linked to Cindy & Michael's Where's the Beef blog. Hooray! Another food blog, definitely not a bad thing, i say!

What a nice man Greg Brown is, and with the right kind of philosophy - give people a sample of your wares, tell them the best way to enjoy it and then let them decide for themselves. Good stuff!

Eat to Live said...

I know - it's fantastic, especially in this overly corporatised era.

Hello, by the way!